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Gadiv's products in every day life  Everyday items made with the help of the products Gadiv produces, can be found at home, the workplace and supermarket.
They include a diverse range of products such as clothing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, computers, paints, vehicle components, household fabrics and many more.Products using aromatics can reduce energy consumption and so have a positive impact on the environment. For example, lightweight plastic components in vehicles and aircraft, and insulating foams in houses and offices are made with the help of aromatics.
The largest demand for solvents comes from the paint and coatings industry, to dissolve the different compounds used in the paint formulation.

Aliphatic solvents are also used in agriculture in the manufacture of pesticides, herbicides, for the extraction of fats, oils and flavorings. The solvents are used in printing inks help application process, assisting the ability to stay put, keep its bold color and dry as fast as possible. Solvents are also used in many industrial-cleaning applications (See our SludgeSol) including maintenance cleaning. Solvents are used to remove oily grease and other impurities.
Gadiv produces a variety of intermediates used as raw materials in the plastic, food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.
Phthalic Anhydride is produced as flakes and is used as a raw material for plasticizers, in the production of unsaturated polyesters, and alkyd resins for coating applications. Other uses include the manufacture of dye intermediate and pigments, polyester polyols and flame-retardants.
Fumaric Acid is added to a variety of foods as an acidifier, curing accelerator as well as an flavoring agent. Used also as an intermediate for dyes, lacquers, photographic, chemicals, alkyd resins, plasticizers, vehicle water cooling systems and coatings.
Succinic acid has many industrial applications—as a raw material for food, medicine, plastics, cosmetics, and textiles and for use in plating and waste-gas scrubbing.

  All of Gadiv's intermediates are produced with full standard certification and GMP, FCC and Kosher authorization.


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