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Petrochemical intermediates
are generally produced by chemical conversion of primary petrochemicals to form more complicated derivative products. These derivatives can be produced in a variety of ways: directly from primary petrochemicals or through intermediate products which still contain only carbon and hydrogen.In some cases, they are finished products; in others, more steps are needed to obtain the desired composition. Typical petrochemical derivatives are converted into useful articles for industrial applications or for consumer use.

Gadiv's intermediates are used as raw materials for plasticizers, in the production of unsaturated polyesters, manufacture of dye intermediate and pigments. Other applications include flavoring agents for food and beverages, as intermediates in dyes, lacquers, photographic agents, chemicals, plasticizers, coatings and vehicle water cooling systems. 

All of Gadiv's intermediate products are produced with full standard certifications including GMP, FCC and Kosher authorization.


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