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Corporate Fundamentals

  Gadiv's management is committed to the advancement of its quality policy and to the protection of environment, health and safety. 
   The purpose of this policy is to achieve customer's total satisfaction, minimizing the environmental effects and exploitation of natural resources which derive from the processes used and products produced by us. 
 Gadiv is committed to full cooperation with all authorities in order to meet legislation demands, all standards, regulations and conditions which relate to the preservation of the environment, health and safety. 
  The Integrated Quality Policy emphasizes the significance of the company's human resources -  its employees - as the greatest asset, assuring the continuation of the improvement policy. This policy assures that the performance of each and every one of us will be a key factor in the company's competitive abilities, a means for productivity and efficiency, environmental preservation, safety and hygiene. 
  Gadiv's Management is committed to the development and maintenance of work procedure standards, environment preservation, health and safety management and the quality of management at all levels. 
  Gadiv will cultivate its employees and managers knowledge by instruction, training and assimilation so we may together maintain and preserve our products high standards, environment quality and work surroundings, and prepare ourselves for future challenges. 
 Gadiv's management is committed in involving its employees in the planning and implementation of its health and safety systems with safety committees and risk analysis. 
 Gadiv's employees are considered customers and suppliers within the organization, who provide services. The quality of service is considered the mile stone of each activity and process which is performed within the organization. Cultivation of the cooperation and awareness between all role bearers is the basis of the Integrated Quality Policy. 
  We will take every step to improve awareness within the organization and thus enable more efficient problem solving and consequently prevention in the future and creation of greater value and improvement in all areas of activities. 
 Our suppliers are an important tier in the management of our quality policy. We will work together to develop their ability to stand up to the quality, environmental, health and safety demands that we will place before them. 
 By assimilating our Integrated Quality Policy we assure our company's success and resilience for the benefit of our customers, employees, our country's economic strength, our environment, health and safety and our economic security. TOP

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