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Aliphatic Solvents

A Solvent is a liquid which has the ability to dissolve, suspend or extract other materials, without chemical change to the material or the solvent.  Aliphatic solvents are frequently used in reference to open-chain hydrocarbons. Solvents can be produced or blended to meet very specific requirements and can be "tailor-made" for distint purposes.

The solvent family provides numerous solutions to modern life; and used in many industries such as paints, pharmaceutics, pesticides, agriculture, printing and domestic cleaning.  Without solvents, many of the products we use and rely on, from penicillin to industrial paint, would not perform to the standards we demand today.

Gadiv's production staff, together with its sales and marketing department look forward to your specific needs and will do the utmost to provide unique solutions to assist you in your success.

Gadiv Petrochemical Industries Ltd. offers a versatile range of aromatic fluids meeting strict international standards.


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