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Gadiv Petrochemical Industries Ltd. is one Israel's leading petrochemical companies. Using the most advanced available technology and the best materials, the company manufactures and markets over 500 thousand tons of the highest quality petrochemical products each year including aromatics, aliphatic solvents and intermediates for the chemical, pharmaceutical, plastic and food industries.

Gadiv has implemented a dynamic advanced control system which was developed specifically for the company's unique requirements and assisted in raising the plant's production capacities. This system has enabled precise production according to the market changes. The company has increased its annual capacity to over 500,000 tons of 15 different products and enabled the company to penetrate new markets all over the world. All of Gadiv's feedstock's are supplied by the neighboring parent company, Bazan and sister company Carmel Olefins Ltd., thus facilitating optimization of the production system.

The company is now in the process of preparing its units for the receipt of natural gas and thus be able to meet the tougher demands of the enviornment protection agencies.

Gadiv's success in marketing its products is due to the high quality and quick response to changing market requirements and the needs of its customers. Gadiv's marketing strategy is based on long term relationships with its existing customers as well as building good business relations with potential new customers.

Recently, the company has completed a organization change with the intention of building a basis for the future developments in the petrochemical industry. For this purpose a petrochemical sector has been established, of which Gadiv is part of.

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