Gadiv is owned by Oil Refineries Ltd. (Bazan) the largest oil refining complex in  Israel. Bazan went through a privatization process which changed Gadiv's status from a government owned company to a private company. Its shares are traded on the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange under the Bazan ticker symbol.

Bazan has a refining capacity of 180,000 barrels/day of crude oil. The refinery produces high added-value products at its facilities measuring 7.4 on the Nelson Complexity Index, which is among the highest rankings in the Eastern Mediterranean region.
The company also supplies power and heat (electricity and steam) services to industrial customers in the Haifa Bay area, as well as infrastructure services (storage and conveyance of fuel products)


Bazan has expanded its international operations by acting as an integrated company,  starting from crude oil purchases through finished product sales. Extensive buying and selling transactions with the largest petroleum corporations have continued to grow in the last few years.
Bazan is in the process of preparing its plants for the arrival of natural gas in Israel, and is investing in enabling the refinery to meet the future, tougher demands of the Ministry of Environment and German emission standards, which are among the most rigorous in the world.

Bazan is deeply involved in establishing and developing the country's petrochemical industry, while striving to fully integrate refining and petrochemical operations

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